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There is nothing quite like high quality and custom made products. Years ago I worked in a high-end shop in Salisbury, CT. The shop sold men and women’s apparel, accessories and home decor products and catered to the NYC weekenders that would rather shop in the country on their weekends than run around the city after work.

The owners of the shop hired a bookkeeper that had never worn high quality clothing and could not understand why people paid the prices they did for their clothing. After working in the shop for a couple of months, the bookkeeper began trying on the clothes, feeling how the clothes felt and looked on her. Before we knew it she was asking about the shop’s discount policies and buying the clothes for herself and family. We chuckled, now she knew why people paid the higher price for their clothing. The same concept is true for buying home furnishings, building a high quality custom home or hiring an interior designer. As one of my trade friends states, “quality never costs as much as it saves!”

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Blog Posts

Waterscapes - Flower You Photo

Waterscapes Create Beautiful Backyards

A few years ago I started social media management for a company. I never realized that it would change my life in so many ways. I’ve met some wonderful friends, learned a lot from them, and also found some new passions. Some of these passions were always there, but brought to the forefront through social media. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my passions… Waterscapes for your backyard. Read more…

Tullyvale Antiques & Interiors, 503 Bantam Road, Litchfield, CT

Hello World From Fairfield County, CT!

Growing up in a family of construction contractors has given me a passion for design & Euro high country style w/ a transitional twist. This passion led me to create a line of custom upholstered furniture which was imported from the UK and sold to high-end trade and retail customers from our antiques and interiors shop located in Litchfield, CT. Read more…

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