Custom Building & Design Sources

Architecture & Interior Design

Cobble Court Interiors

Cobble Court InteriorsCobble Court Interiors is a respected source for elegant style in luxurious and inviting interiors. From concept to completion, they are a full service interior design firm that has completed award winning design projects from New York, to the Caribbean, to London.  We found Robert & Steven to be truly friendly, supportive with state of the art design.

McIver Morgan

McIver MorganEstablished in 1992 by Rod Pleasants and Steve Godwin, the firm prides itself on listening to their clients and getting to know them to fully understand their lifestyle needs. This allows McIver Morgan to create an atmosphere that is a reflection of their customer’s personality yet supports comfortable day to day living. They were faithful client’s of Tullyvale and we are happy to promote their services.

Robert Couturier Inc.

Robert Couturier can be said to lend a sense of connoisseurship, imagination, and even experimentation to the traditional design landscape. As he likes to say himself, recalling the rich interiors in which he spent his childhood and youth, “It is to both grander and greater ends that one invents when one can start with one’s own past.” It was always a pleasure to see Robert Couturier and Jeffrey Morgan as they were genuinely friendly and faithful to their community.

Custom Building & Renovations

Lancaster County Timber Frames, Inc.

Lancaster County Timber Frames ~ Hybrid Timber Frame HomeLancaster County Timber Frames, Inc., an award winning timber frame company that handcrafts and raises its own frames, is one of the very few timber frame companies that warrants their frames’ structural integrity for the lifetime of the frame.  Additionally, they are currently the only timber frame company that submits their work to Guild Quality (an independent third party evaluator) which publishes survey results on their website unedited. Started following this firm thru social media and actually went to visit their shop in PA. Old world craftsmanship… the best of the best. Think a timber frame home only belongs in the country? Check out LCTF’s hybrid timber frame homes ~ Love them ~ a perfect blend for any setting.


Mcalpine Tankersley ArchitectureMcAlpine Tankersley Architecture is the Montgomery, Alabama-based partnership of Bobby McAlpine, Greg Tankersley, John Sease and Chris Tippett. Their practice, now in its 27th year, is described as “nurturing, compassionate, soulful,” and the firm’s architecture, wedding historical precedence with graceful modern living, is a timeless and romantic pursuit of “The Inheritable House”. In 1997 McAlpine opened an interior design firm adding Ray Booth and Susan Ferrier as partners to form McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. Now, as a unified design family, McALPINE, they maintain offices in Nashville, Atlanta and New York. Started following this firm through social media and just love their style.


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