Waterscapes Create Beautiful Backyards

Bench Story Water Feature

Bench story via Flower Story on Facebook

A few years ago I started social media management for a company. I never realized that it would change my life in so many ways. I’ve met some wonderful friends, learned a lot from them, and also found some new passions. Some of these passions were always there, but brought to the forefront through social media. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my passions… Waterscapes for your backyard.

Waterscapes - Girl-w-Dog-by-Pond

Photo via Aquascape, Inc.

My attraction to waterscapes stems from my childhood. I grew up with a brook in my backyard and my neighbors had ponds. We spent our days playing in the brook and the ponds: jumping rocks; catching fish, tadpoles, frogs and salamanders; and, creating dams to form a small pond and filling the pond with what we caught. A large storm would destroy our pond taking our treasures downstream, so we would have to start the whole process all over again ~ wonderful childhood memories!

Waterscapes - Aquascape-Ecosystem-Pond-1

Designing Your Dream Pond via Aquascape

Today, you don’t need a brook in your backyard. Waterscapes come in many forms from flowing urns and Pondless® waterfalls to large ecosystem ponds with waterfalls and streams. There is something about babbling water and listening to natures’ calls that calms life’s stresses; brings life to parties; and, sparks the flow of thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy viewing the photos and video below:

Waterscapes - Put's Ponds & Gardens
Put’s Ponds & Gardens in Chesterfield, MI created these beautiful Basalt Fountains!

Waterscapes - Rocky Mountain Waterscapes

Enjoy the slide show from Rocky Mountain Waterscapes in Erie, CO.

Water Feature

Mossbrook Landscape Management, LLC in Brookfield, CT created this alluring water feature.

I may no longer wish to catch fish and frogs, but I can dream of sitting by these waterscapes… who knows… one day. What better way to find peace and tranquility than to listen to babbling water and watch nature come alive around you… serenity!


A big Thank You to all my “Waterscapes” friends on ProTalk for your photo contributions.

2 thoughts on “Waterscapes Create Beautiful Backyards

    1. Thank you, Lannie for such lovely comments! I agree, wonderful times and memories are what we all wish for our families; waterscapes are a sure way of contributing to joyous tranquility and great memories.

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