DIY Home Remedy: Prevent Dog Ear Infections

Homemade ear cleaner for dogs

“Does your dog have recurring, chronic ear issues?  Does your dog have itchy ears? Are your dog’s ears smelly?  Do your dog’s ears stink?  Are they goopy?  Does your dog suffer from canine ear infections regularly?  Before we address why your dog has itchy, stinky, goopy ears, let’s get ‘em clean!” Read more here: Homemade Ear Cleaning For Dogs

DIY Ear Cleaning Solution For Dogs

At least once a year I end up taking my red golden retriever to the veterinarian for ear issues. I’ve used over the counter ear washes from Petco and the like, but never seem to conquer the issue. This summer I took Lily, my red golden, to the vet for her rabies vaccine and at the same time picked up some more ear medication. Dr. Lightcap, the owner of Fieldstone Veterinary Care, suggested that I use equal parts of organic apple cider vinegar, purified water and hydrogen peroxide: Mix enough solution to leave in a small bottle. Squirt the solution in the dog’s ear, or directly on a cotton ball, and clean out the ear until no build up is left; once a week will suffice as long as the dog’s ears are clean. 

This solution works! Lily has been free of ear issues. 🙂 The organic apple cider vinegar and purified water heals naturally as well as kill germs. The hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to dissolve ear wax… happy dog, happy owner!

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